Denver, known as the mile high city long before marijuana legalization, is a wonderful city to visit no matter what your personal interests may be. While they are famous for legalizing recreational marijuana use, they are known for much more than that. Whether you like art, culture, beer or the nightlife, you will find that there is more than you could ever fit into just one vacation to enjoy.

One of the best things in the city is the beer tour. Denver has a strong reputation for their various small breweries that produce their own signature beers. While Wisconsin has long been known as the drinking state of the country, Colorado is quickly taking up some of that reputation. If you have the time you will definitely want to check out the beer tour that takes you around the city to enjoy micro brewed beers in the city that is now being dubbed as the Napa Valley of beer.

Another unique thing about this city is the fact that they have made it legal to consumer beer and wine products in the city parks. This enables citizens and visitors alike to relax in beautiful scenery while enjoying their favorite beverage. This is an extremely progressive approach to the use of intoxicants. Other cities worry that such ordinances can lead to people becoming disorderly, but the city has found that it has actually led to people being more responsible about the use of various intoxicants and the reduction in the use of heavier substances.

Speaking of the city parks, you will find large expanses of parks along rivers that offer paved trails for various recreational activities. Through out the year there are also many events that draw tourists and citizens alike, including music and other festivals. If you intend to visit the city you will definitely want to look into what will be held during that time. The citizens of this city take great pride in their culture which leads to countless events any time of the year.

If you have never been to Denver Colorado you are definitely missing out. They have a culture that shows through the entire city. It is a unique place that many migrate to and call home after just one visit. make some time to check it out for yourself. You will wonder why you haven’t done so sooner and surely will tell everyone you know the same.